Off the Cuff Part 2

On this episode the guys continue their "Off the Cuff" conversation!

Off the Cuff! Part 1

On this episode the guys sit down and have a candid conversation about Catholicism, the culture and little in between!

On this episode the guys were blown away by Bishop Athanasius Schneider!

Fr. Justin Braun

On this episode we get to sit down with Fr. Justin Braun, the pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Texarkana, Tx.

On this episode Joe and Tony sit down with Fr. William Burmester, the pastor of St. Edwards Catholic Church in Texarkana!

On this episode we got to sit down with Fr. Kevin Lenius!   Website:

On this episode Tony talks with some Deacons from our Diocese about the do's and don'ts of being a Deacon!

On this episode we continue our Faith Formation Series with Confession!   Website:

Shout out!!

On this episode we give a Shout Out to some of our Supporters and let yall know how much it means to us to have your support! We couldn't do it withou...View Details

On this episode of our Faith Formation Series we tackle the Eucharist!   Website:

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